Donkey event cruel, disturbing

I am writing again about the donkey basketball fundraiser that the Mineral Wells Baseball and Softball Association is holding. A writer stated that someone goes along behind these donkeys hitting a stick on the ground to incite the donkeys to move. According to W,Va. code 61-8-19(G) it is unlawful to bait or harass animals for the purpose of making them perform for a person’s amusement. Running behind an animal hitting a stick on the ground to make a loud noise to incite the animal to move is harassment.

He also wanted to know what I thought the proper use for a donkey is, because they are work animals. If you would do your research you would see that it is harmful for a donkey to carry more than 200 pounds. Most of the riders that participate in this cruel game weigh well over 200 pounds. I’ve even seen some riders that exceed 300 pounds.

Somebody stated that the donkeys were not abused in any way, shape or form and that I was obviously not at last year’s event or I would know this. As a matter of fact I was at last year’s event and saw the animals kicked, pulled and hit with people’s fist. Also these animals have bits in their mouths and are pulled on so hard by the riders that it borders on pulling their teeth out and I’m sure it is painful for the animals. What I witnessed at last year’s event was so disturbing that I had to leave early.

I have done my research and have attended these events in the past and even the one that the Mineral Wells Baseball League held last year. After witnessing a few of these games and seeing the amount of cruelty that is dished out on these animals I can no longer attend these events and feel it is my duty to let as many people as possible knno how cruel and inhumane it is. My hope is that I can educate enough people on the cruelty of this event that it will keep future donkey basketball games from taking place in our area.