Demand to be heard

Did you know that d-Con, used to kill rats and mice, can be likened to the propaganda being fed to we, the American people? In d-Con, there is a very small trace of arsenic. But to get the rodents to eat it, there is added mostly good stuff to keep them eating until they die.

You ask how this is compared to propaganda? Well, like the arsenic, truth is given in a small amount to give it credibility. All the rest are things to convince us our country will be better, or is getting better.

We were told in 2008 that our USA would be transformed. Well, it is, right under our feet right now. Our Constitution is being challenged. Democracy is the government in which we the people hold the ruling power. Either directly, or through elected representatives.

The transforming of our country looks more like a dictatorship of the proletariat evolving. This means absolute control of economic and political power by a government of the working class (proletariat). Speeches being made now by our government is represented by “I” instead of “we.”

A dictator is a ruler with absolute power and authority. One also orders others about domineeringly, or one whose pronouncements on some subject are meant to be taken as the final word.

We the people, do have power, to demand to be heard. Pray to our Lord God, for Satan is working hard.