Chosen area for toxic waste

Since the transformation of a gas well into a gas injection well on State Route 144, near Stewart, Ohio, the traffic of large tanker trucks has been an endangerment. Tanker trucks can weigh thousands of pounds and are very stressful to the blacktop roads.

The bridge right beside our farm is the lowest point on this road and when the river rises, that bridge becomes flooded. The bridge is narrow, old and has had steel plates to strengthen it from the weight of traffic. Add ice to that narrow bridge and the potential is deadly.

Recently, after dark when the water was over the bridge, a large semi-trailer truck was attempting to cross the water from the Coolville side towards the gas well side. He sounded the large air-horn three times trying to get attention from the neighboring homes. Another semi-truck came to his rescue.

Another problem brought on by the weight of these trucks is that the road is now cracking and large potholes are developing. If one of these trucks were to hit one of those holes and fall into the river, we could have a situation similar to what Charleston, W.Va., has just experienced.

It is my understanding that the liquid carried by these trucks is a substance that contains toxic, radioactive wastes produced from the drilling of gas wells. Some of the trucks are marked “brine”; some are not marked at all. Lately even large semi-trailers are going by that are square and unmarked which may even be carrying a substance produced by the mixture of the liquid substance and sawdust. Could there be a solidification facility between Coolville and Guysville of which we are unaware?

Coolville is not a stranger to environmental warfare. We fought off the construction of a medical waste incinerator in the 1990s that threatened our air quality. Now the state of Ohio has decided to make our village “ground zero” for the dumping of carcinogenic waste from not only Ohio, but from West Virginia and other states. Now our ground water and rivers are at risk! Money evidently talks in Columbus, Ohio!

Once again that old saying “Not in my backyard” is being shouted from residents of Coolville. Brings to mind the lyrics of that old song “Why me, Lord?” Southeastern Athens County seems to be the “chosen” area for toxic waste!