Ballpark won’t bring in people

I’m writing concerning the baseball park Mayor Newell is trying to get here in Parkersburg. Mayor Newell is hoping that all the businesses in Parkersburg will sponsor the baseball park to come to Parkersburg.

We had the Redcoats ball team here at the City Park and were did they go? Somewhere else besides Parkersburg. Because there is nothing here in Parkersburg to bring people here. Why does Mayor Newell think that this will bring people to Parkersburg?

I’m a business owner myself and I’m not for sponsoring, or wanting to bring the baseball park here to Parkersburg. I can’t see why other businesses will be for bringing it here, too. Mayor Newell needs to get with the people and see what kind of businesses or things that would bring people to Parkersburg to shop at the big and small businesses and spend their hard-earned money here in Parkersburg.

It’s sad, but in the summer you have to go to Marietta or Charleston to see any events like boat races, Sternwheel Festival. Parkersburg can’t do things like that because someone wants to put a baseball park here in Parkersburg that will only get to be used three to four months out of the year. Let’s throw away the ballpark idea and let’s work on building a civic center, convention center, or something that can be used all year and bring money and people to Parkersburg.

Mayor Newell needs to hold a town hall meeting once a month to see what the people in Parkersburg want, and let them know what is going on. Where will the money come from to take care of the ball park if it comes to Parkersburg? Will Mayor Newell and city council pass a user fee, called the ballpark fee?

So hopefully the businesses and the people will take a serious look at the ballpark coming to Parkersburg and see if they really need it and will it help your business out. Don’t forget the taxes that the businesses and the people will have to pay. Someone has to pay for the ballpark. Taxes and user fees will pay for the park. So open your eyes and listen with your ears before it’s too late.

John D. McIntyre