Stadium group is at fault

Williamstown bleachers were in dire need of repair at the tune of 100K, I recall that many in the Parkersburg community suggested that the BOE should condemn the stadium, and, or, it should be the responsibility of Williamstown to repair the bleachers. Many had said that they would not support it and that the BOE has an obligation to education, not sports. In trade, Parkersburg received updated projects at the board’s expense on Williamstown’s behalf. Ultimately the repairs were completed, and on budget I might add.

Fast forward to this current project which the tables are turned and PHS is in a predicament. They have overspent their boundaries and they are blaming the BOE for their mistake. Was the board notified that there were going to be cost overruns? Did they tell the board that any such cost overruns were going to fall in the BOE’s lap for payment?

Whatever the case may be, I believe that the stadium committee ran the project as an open checkbook knowing all along that the board would ultimately have to face the reaper and foot the bill at the end just to save pride that they can have that first opening game. I recall in the early stages that there was a minute chance that the stadium would be ready for the 2013 season, and yet pride was in the forefront and never proper planning. The committee made the obligation to get the project rolling, they should have a commitment “with pride” to own up to the fact to complete it.

David Leo