Say no to chemical plan

There is a five-week public comment period for us to write to the USDA about our views on the coming proposal to add the chemical 2-4-D to corn and soybean seeds. I hope you will write to them about your opinions. The following are mine:

Please don’t allow the use of 2-4-D on, or near, or around our food supply (seeds, soil, air, water). We are not ignorant of the fact that 2-4-D is a chemical component of Agent Orange. Also, we now know how the human population is affected by Agent Orange. Our Vietnam-era veterans and the population of Vietnam have been the guinea pigs.

I am dismayed that any agency chartered to protect the public health (USDA, our food) would even consider allowing 2-4-D to be added to seeds eventually to become our food and also it will enter the soil, air and water.

This, I believe, can be the turning point for our federal agencies truly adhering to their charter to protect the public health instead of protecting the profits of corporations.

If it is necessary, and I believe it is long past due, it is time to return to farming methods that do not injure humans, wildlife, air, soil, and water. We know we can do this. We just need to give the old heave-ho to profits before people. One more instance of capitalism run amok.

Michal K. DiClemente