Donkey basketball is abusive

I just became aware that there will be an event taking place on Feb. 8, 2014, at Mineral Wells School to raise money for the Little League Baseball program. The event taking place is donkey basketball. This is animal cruelty in its highest form.

I attended one of the games before, thinking it would be a fun outing for the family. My family and myself were horrified at how these animals are mistreated. They are subjected to loud crowds which frightens them. They are pulled, choked, kicked, hit and prodded all in the name of entertainment.

Not only is this animal cruelty, I feel that it teaches young children that it is OK to beat, bully and humiliate the weak. I am appalled that Mineral Wells School and the Wood County Board of Education would allow something like this to take place. If you are against animal abuse I would strongly urge you to contact Mineral Wells School and the board of education and ask them to reconsider holding an event that exploits and abuses these animals.

Christopher Carraway

Mineral Wells