Community action and senior abuse

For the most part I have found the Parkersburg/Vienna community support to rival none. The past few years I’ve been working with a caring team in the tri-state area concerning senior abuse. If like to thank all who have worked tirelessly, and at times on their own, to continue with this investigation. Obviously names here would not be appropriate.

I’ve received apologies for how slow the wheels turn, even with agencies set up for just this purpose. If you are ever one who passes the buck, turns your head, or does not speak up when you are made aware – shame on you. Intimidation, embarrassment, threats of financial or legal retaliation simply for questioning one’s treatment, is legally and morally wrong.

On a good note, the Vienna Fire Department, including Danny Goodwin (bless his soul) and his son, have gone to your door if asked, to teach safety and tutor fire extinguisher usage and even cart away the old ones if needed. They have written lovely letters to seniors for working with them, modest, personable and unselfish.

As for this latest shooting at the mall. Thank God our police force are so well trained and on the ball to prevent this tragedy from spreading to any of us! Our prayers to them during what they must be going through and I celebrate their safety.

Every community has good and bad. Never fail to thank those who help you every day. Again, for those who turn away thinking abuse is not their problem, why? As someone once told me, “This makes me sick, I intend to be a senior some day” Good point. Don’t you? Then step up. Believe people when you are told of a problem and don’t go to the abuser first to see if all is OK.

Patty Leiker