An extreme reaction to event

I was surprised to see the extreme reaction to our baseball league’s upcoming donkey basketball event. I was the announcer for last year’s donkey basketball games and did not see the kicking and choking, or cruelty to animals that Mr. Carraway claims in his letter.

Yes, the donkeys were pulled and ridden. The trainer hits a stick against the ground to incite the animals to move, which they are often inclined not to. These are strong, sturdy animals that looked to be well fed and cared for. I dont know if the donkeys are “frightened” by the large crowd as Mr. Carraway claimed in his letter. How do we know that the donkeys don’t love basketball. I have no idea.

I do know that donkeys are normally used as work animals. They are ridden and used to pull heavy wagons and plows on farms, and used to carry loads and packs for travelers. I would like to know what Chris Carraway thinks is proper use for a donkey.

If I, and our other league board members, had seen cruelty and abuse to these animals during last year’s event, we would not consider holding this event for a second year. It is good that we have people like Mr. Carraway who watch out for abuse and cruelty of animals, I just feel in this situation his concern is misplaced.

I hope that the community will continue to support the Mineral Wells Baseball and Softball League, as they have always done. We thank the local businesses for your support through sponsorships, and all of the parents who volunteer their time to coach, work on fields, and help run our concession stand. All of our work is an effort to raise money to provide a quality experience for our communities’ youth to play baseball and softball.

Steve Starkey

Mineral Wells