A place were miracles happen

Parkersburg is a blessed city. One of its greatest blessings sits up on the hill behind Ohio Valley University. It’s not large or showy, but it is a place were miracles happen.

The sign out front reads “HealthSouth.” I spent two weeks there recuperating from a two-week hospital stay. There are some wonderful, talented, skilled nurses and physical therapists there. There are two of the few certified in West Virginia nurses who treat lymphedema (one who treats swollen feet and legs by wrapping) at HealthSouth.

The kindness, patience, gentleness and persistence I watched were almost unbelievable. Some of the personnel who work there come from far away, “because it’s the best place to work.” All of the workers there are marvelous people who know what their job is and how to do it the best way for all concerned.

All the people who worked with me had wonderful stories to tell of how they trained for their job, how they got the job, and how much they enjoyed the job. So many of them are doing amazing other things in their lives, writing books, caring for teenagers, volunteering in churches, working in schools, and raising exceptional families in their time off.

I had visited HealthSouth to be with friends and family members who have spent time convalescing there, but it becomes a whole new world when you are a patient. Personnel there are unbelievably helpful, patient, kind and gentle. They know just what you need and how to get you better in the easiest, quickest way.

I just think people in Parkersburg need to be more aware of what a healing, miracle-working place of health that is. I have been blessed tremendously by my stay there.

Betty Stephens

Mineral Wells