WHS is lucky to have Smith

The Williamstown High School football team has had an impressive run over the last 11 seasons under the leadership of Head Coach Terry Smith; 108 wins in 11 seasons is an outstanding accomplishment for Coach Smith, his staff and his players. WHS has built a winning program that brings great pride to the school and the community.

This tradition of success starts at the top with Coach Smith and his staff. They instill discipline, pride and belief in the players that come through their program. They dedicate their time and passion to give their players every chance to be successful. Boys who play for WHS become better young men by the lessons they learn from this coaching staff.

There is nothing flashy about Coach Smith’s methods. Williamstown wins because our teams are in better shape, they are better prepared, they are better coached and they are better disciplined than their opponents. They win by doing the fundamentals correctly and consistently.

It is true Williamstown has been blessed with lots of exceptional athletes over the last decade. But you don’t win 108 games in 11 years because you always have the best athletes. A small town, Class A football team does not have such a luxury. And unlike some of our competition, we can’t go out and find athletes to come to our school to play. We play with who we have.

It is easy to sit in the stands and second-guess play calls, strategy or officiating. We all do it. But one thing you cannot question at Williamstown is the commitment to excellence of Coach Smith, his staff and his players. Yellow Jacket fans are fortunate to know that every Friday night our team comes on the field prepared and ready to play.

Buddy Butler