Vote for candidate, not party

I read Augie Pitrolo’s comments about the need to vote only for Republicans as the way to solve our problems. It would be better if voting a straight ticket were not an option.

I had an aunt who did not like John F, Kennedy but had to because he was a Democrat. When voting, a person should look over each candidate and carefully decide which one is truly the best one.

Mr. Pitrolo says “The objective is simple, elect no Democrat – period. It matters not about the Democrat’s capabilities or whether he/she is the better competing candidate.” He could have substituted Democrat instead of Republican and that advice would be just as dangerous.

When you choose a doctor, would you want to choose the second best one? I would prefer the best I could get. It should be the same with our elected officials. Electing only Republicans or Democrats could result in one-sided legislation.

Bruce Wendelken