Unfunny, unjustified cartoon

I have been a daily subscriber to The Parkersburg News for many, many years. I am now considering ending my subscription because of (it would seem) an ever-growing tolerance, in the form of unjustified, cartoonish depictions, it would seem, to keep from becoming a target for those who live a life of ungodly exercise.

I am not a bigot, a racist, or a co-called gay basher. At the same time, I believe that no one will ever change the truth for error when it is clearly set forth in God’s word. Even aside from the book of truth, any honest, thoughtful individual could not but conclude that sexual perversion is but just that. Perversion.

The cartoon (Dec. 21) was very much unjustified, unfunny and just plain stupid. My, for one, subscription is now very nearly over. This was very, very disappointing, to say the least.

Charles Lawrence