Turning wealth into vapors

Do you pay attention to the financial page? It can be a real eye-opener. Notice how cleverly they talk out of both sides of their mouth. The Federal Reserve still bailing out banks, investors, and major corporations (even though after six years these fraudsters are still filling their coffers instead of making good-paying jobs in America). Worker production is up on average 4 percent-plus. I ask, have your wages gone up? Three dozen economists say that too much of our money is going to the top. This is like being at a party which the top 2 percent have been at for eight-going-on-40 years with the punch bowl full, but without any kick in it for the masses.

Why is the Dow going up when you would think that it would be going down? Bankers and investors on Wall Street have been holding their breath hoping Bernanke won’t ease the bond buy back. Well, everyone is still happy – $10 billion loss a month is a whale of a lot better than $85 billion loss if Bernanke had done what he should have done. Now that Wall Street knows once again there will be no consequence to their fraud, the bull is back in control of the China shop. There’s no explaining this market and if you want to be blown away by it just keep buying in.

Common sense should tell us all, especially those of us who know that we should not have bailed out the fraudsters. Oh, forgive me, I mean the banksters. Now that they have become fat with new found, but not earned, wealth, they are positioned to turn your hard-earned wealth into vapors.

We have known since the beginning that trickle-down economics worked, doesn’t work, and will never work for the economy as a whole. If there is anyone out there who still thinks trickle-down economics will work if only we give more to the top 2 percent, please step forward and argue your point with facts from the last 150 years that bolster your case.

Eugene A. DiClemente