The parking lot angels

A Christmas miracle has happened in the Mid-Ohio Valley. My sister is a single mom of two. Not having a lot of money for Christmas, she could only afford three gifts apiece for each kid from the dollar store.

She was leaving the store today and saw a couple coming toward her with a big Christmas tin. Thinking they were going to ask for donations my sister dug in her console for a handful of change. When she got out of her car to give her donation the couple said “No dear” this is for you. Confused my sister took the tin to her car and opened it. It is completely full of money.

After the shock my sister ran through the parking lot to give them a Christmas hug. I am floored by these random strangers’ kindness. They said they saw her buying for young children and wanted to help. I am in tears telling this story. Thank God for my sister’s parking lot angels.

Gloria McDaniel