Robbery at the gas pumps

Price gouging and the pumps. When is it going to end? You would think our elected officials would check into this and try to get something done with this price gouging at the pumps.

In November alone, the price of gas went up and down six times between two stations in Vienna and Parkersburg. Nov. 20, gas jumped up to $3.39; on Nov. 21, back down to $3.14.

Darn, wouldn’t you know it, it went back up on Nov. 22 to $3.39.

Again, wake up people. It seems someone must have lost some oil while changing oil on their vehicle. I know there is no end. We may as well wish in one hand and, well, you know the rest. This is plain robbery at the pumps.

What happened, America? Come on, U.S. government. It’s your move. Stop this.

Charles Wilson