Print Doonesbury every day

A letter-writer was upset about the Dec. 8 Doonesbury cartoon. He didn’t think rape was an appropriate topic for the Sunday comics. The cartoon could be summarized as a female soldier working within the military chain of command and trying to report a rape to her commanding officer who happened to be the rapist. Is that funny? No! Was it meant to be funny? Probably not! It was a satirical comment on a serious problem the Pentagon is struggling to fix and not having much luck.

The Pentagon says there are 19,000 rapes in the U. S. military every year. In 2011, only about 500 of these 19,000 rapes were prosecuted. That’s a 3 percent prosecution rate. In almost all of those cases it’s male soldiers (or sailors, etc.) raping female soldiers (or sailors, etc.) A female assigned overseas has a bigger chance of being raped by her fellow soldiers than being killed or injured in combat. It’s an ugly problem for the female soldiers and the Pentagon. The guy who wrote the complaining letter obviously didn’t understand what the Doonesbury story was all about.

But a complete lack of knowledge of the subject matter didn’t stop him from getting his shorts in a twist and now he demands that Doonesbury be removed from the News and Sentinel. His reason? He doesn’t like Doonesbury. Well, ladida! So what! He says it’s a cartoon that isn’t funny and he tunes into the comic section for a few minutes of “escape” and Doonesbury doesn’t satisfy that need. He says Doonesbury doesn’t appeal to him or anyone else in his demographic corner of the world. Really? Where, exactly, is the demographic corner of his world? Would that be the narrow minded, whining, complaining, conservative corner? Who crowned this guy king of the local newspaper? Who told him he gets to veto my preferred choice of reading material on Sunday morning.

They should print Doonesbury every day. If the complainer doesn’t like a particular comic strip, don’t read it. But don’t deny me and others the enjoyment of reading it.

Ralph Chambers