Picking and choosing our laws

Again and again we see where those politicians who support “Obamacare” cite the fact it is “the law of the land” as the reason it must be implemented. What nonsense.

Obviously it is already a dismal failure with dire consequences for the health care of this nation over the next couple of years. Pushed through Congress by a president elected with absolutely no qualifications to hold this office, he was supported by two equally corrupt career liberals, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.

What the career politicians ignore is that our government routinely ignores any law it doesn’t care to enforce. Immigration, welfare, the border – all examples of government corruption and disregard. In this case we have a law that was pushed through without anyone reading it. The blind leading the blind merrily over the cliff like dumb sheep.

The examples even carry down to our local level. The Wood County Sheriff’s Department reports that only about a dozen citations have been written for people texting while driving. Every day you can watch numerous people texting and making calls as they drive. Why? Apparently it isn’t important to enforce any law one wishes to ignore. Maybe we all should have the right to pick and choose the ones we like and disregard the rest.

Rick Blessing