Obama isn’t Nelson Mandela

I feel the necessity to mention Jules Witcover’s column in Wednesday’s News and Sentinel. Usually, I don’t read his scribblings because he is such a toady to the left wing. This time I was stopped by the headline, which led me to believe that Nelson Mandela would be part of the topic.

What it turned out to be was a truly lame attempt to tie Obama in with Mandela, as if the former were fit to be mentioned in the same breath as the recently deceased civil rights pioneer. Even in the snippets Witcover used from Obama’s tribute to Mandela, the most prominent word was “I.” The guy (Obama) yields to nobody in his admiration for – himself!

And I had to laugh: Witcover mentioned how humble Obama had been upon receiving the Nobel Peace Prize after something like three hours and 45 minutes in office. It had been awarded, the pundit said, more for the hope of things to come from this bright, new supernova on the face of the body politic.

Anybody with half a brain knew that Obama was given that award for not being George W. Bush; some left wing Swedes on the Nobel committee wanted to make a statement.

There were other lunacies, including Obama’s legislative record, where he was a strong opponent of the Bush war. This kind of disregards the fact that when Obama even bothered to show up while the legislature was in session, it was considered a “stop the presses” kind of day among those who covered the beat.

We’re in a real mess now, and people like Jules Witcover are part of the problem, not the solution.

Donald Geibel