Obama is the obstructionist

I must take exception to the editorial written by Jim Smith on Oct. 20th. Referring to certain Congress members as “obstructionists” was completely out of touch with reality. Reality is that the American people are fed up with the tax and spend policies of the federal government leadership and are beginning to elect legislators who understand the need to change government. Nobody has demonstrated an obstructionist attitude more than the President.

From the beginning of Obama’s administration, he has done more to obstruct the American way than any other. Circumventing the constitution to achieve his goals on healthcare, coal use, auto bail outs, and recess appointments to name a few. Let us not forget the multitude of scandalous endeavors that certainly have changed the way America is viewed around the world. Have you forgotten about this administration spying on Americans, IRS targeting of political opponents, gun walking, Benghazi and the list goes on.

Smith was right about one thing. “Americans just want the government to do its job and leave them alone.” Forcing them into a health care program that nobody wants, creating enormous debt that future generations will have to pay, “is not leaving them alone.” How can we accept that our government can pass laws that they themselves are exempt from? How is it acceptable that certain laws only apply to some and not to others? Whatever happen to equal protection?

The only hope America has is that we get rid of the people in government who put is in the position we are in. Some parts of the country have begun the process of cleaning out the reckless politicians who are responsible for the putting America in the precarious situation in which we find ourselves. Hard working Americans will rise up and the socialist movement and the monarchial government supported by most current political leaders will fail.

Let’s hope the obstructionists referred to by Mr. Smith have only just begun. If you want change, then have the courage to vote for it. Vote New!

Denny Harton