Obama and the middle class

The lunatic left was out in full force blasting “the rich,” Bill O’Reilly and somehow the religious right. Y’all need some feedback.

To the guy blaming Goldman-Sachs and Lehman Brothers for ruining the economy – be careful here. You forget that GS has a well-worn path to the Obama White House and is responsible for close to a million dollars in donations to him. If anyone overlooked large CEO salaries and bonuses it was this administration when it squandered a glut of taxpayers’ money on fruitless bailouts. Revisit how Tim Geithner, Obama’s bailout chief and a verified tax cheat, ducked subpoenas from Lehman Brothers regarding what he knew while head of the New York Federal Reserve. Obama has a warm and fuzzy relationship with his designated economy killers. He appointed many of them to serve under him.

He mentioned six separate programs in his letter. Six – and he only defended one of them, SNAP. This speaks volumes. Central to his defense was that the amount of relief SNAP provides is minimal and not enough to remove its participants from poverty or dependency. These expensive, multiple, top heavy, poverty bailouts get billed to the overburdened middle class. Big government is inept at charity. Why go after Wal-Mart for asking its employees to be charitable toward one another? At least Wal-Mart creates jobs and produces goods and services that people want. This government does the opposite.

The writer of the letter ranting about liars needs to tune in at this point. Read the Nov. 19 article in the New York Post and see how Obama’s census department faked the unemployment numbers to help get him reelected. As Jack Nicholson’s character said, “You can’t handle the truth!” Obamacare has ended jobs, health care plans and doctor/patient relationships. Insurance companies were forced under this law to gut their old plans – nothing unilateral here. Companies cut worker hours to part time to escape the Obamacare penalties and then hired more part-time health help to make up the difference.

If he honestly looks at these “job creation” statistics he will see that these are the part-time jobs that resulted from cutting back full-time workers. This is not growth. It is part of Obama’s war on the middle class.

This is where the pro-middle class writer gets it wrong. His unions have been bankrolling all the bad government he complains about.

Helen Hofawger

Washington, W.Va.