Don’t vote for any Democrat

Tired of Obamacare, tired of gun control, tired of war on coal, tired of lies deception and outright hypocrisy, tired of a listless economy, tired of a leaderless nation, tired of U.N. involvement in your lives, tired of living in a state where being first by being last in all things good is the norm, tired of states accepting federal money in exchange for control of education (Common Core curriculum), tired of loss of your freedom, tired of politicians that use your tax money to buy votes, if so it’s time to engage, time to be heard, time to be effective.

Nov. 4, 2014 (Election Day) is a critical day for America. The question becomes – will you be complicit allowing America’s current devastating demise under Obama and the Democrats?

Assuming you want the country back on the right track, your actions beginning now and continuing to Nov. 4 are critical. The objective is simple, elect no Democrat – period. It matters not about the Democrat’s capabilities or whether he/she is the better competing candidate. The first and foremost task is denying Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi from leadership of their respective parties.

Likewise no Democrat should be elected at the local or state level – if for no other reason than their association with a leftist driven agenda that has denied West Virginians a more prosperous economic climate. Seventy years of Democratic mismanagement is enough – time to stop.

Ignore the campaign BS, accept the fact we may have to elect the “least worse candidate” as long as they are a Republican. Today’s urgency and the name of the game is to put a stop to or slow down sitting elected officials from further moves to control and destroy our freedoms. A GOP-controlled Senate is critical which calls for a win by our GOP candidate. The House must remain GOP with an objective to have enough votes to override a presidential veto – all three West Virginia House members as Republicans is a must.

A GOP state legislature is also a must. You will have a chance to pick the best GOP candidates in the primary, after that a straight GOP ticket on Nov. 4, 2014. We are a small state, but we can do our part. After the 2014 elections, prepare yourself for 2016, the stakes are high.

Augie Pitrolo

Washington, W.Va.