Time to right the ship of state

Throughout our history, the federal government has been present to assist our population in jumping forward with big projects (our infrastructure – post office, railroads, interstate system, TVA, Hoover Dam and others, national parks, our great buildings and monuments, etc.). President Obama has tried to float jobs and infrastructure to no avail.

We are in the greatest depression since the real one because Uncle Sam has lost sight of the purpose of the federal government. The federal government was never meant to be run as a business because business is not stable and the federal government and agencies under its purview need stability for our country to run properly. The Food Stamp program, one small part of our budget with a huge impact on our population is in peril and so are the people who depend on it. Many say the help should come directly from the population and through our charities. It is well known now that this is an impossible expectation. There are just too many seriously hungry in our nation. Hunger has become one of those big ticket items that only the federal government can manage and end. When our federal government programs are funded properly (by Congress) our federal programs and thus our federal government works – and works for the people. Where is our humanity, our Christianity?

Why is it so hard for Americans to wrap their brains around the fact that we (you, me and every American rich and poor) are the federal government? Every time someone denigrates our government they are disparaging you and me and all the population of America, especially the working poor and middle class. Remember the great quote, ” … the government is the problem”? We bought that hooey lock, stock and barrel. We should have asked “Who is this yahoo and what does he mean that I am the problem? He likes my money (taxes), but not me.”

Of course this did not happen and here we are. Now, it is up to us, the people, who the Constitution was written for, to right this ship of state or go to our folly. Where is our humanity? Where is our Christianity? Where is our love of country?

Michal K. DiClemente