The antidote for poverty

The writer of the Nov. 3 letter, “Alinsky vs. tea party,” was way off base on ever so many fronts. He credited author Saul Alinsky as being “a smart, creative, radical liberal” who was so obscure that his record needed to be unearthed from the archives of Wikipedia.

Spare us. Alinsky’s writing and dogma, 41 years after his death, are still widely circulated in left wing-nut dominated classrooms, including the classes taught by Obama in Chicago. Not sinister? Can the writer explain why Alinsky dedicated his most-read book to Lucifer? There is nothing smart or creative about Alinsky’s ideas; Marx came up with them first.

A little intellectual honesty is in order here. If the writer really favors truth over fiction, he has to face the fact that community organizers, better named community agitators, have done nothing to improve the lot of African-Americans in the ghetto. Studies show that educational and economic gaps for that group have widened under our community-organizer president. In fact, every segment that is not part of the Democrat-donor group has experienced more hardships. Look at individuals seeking health care. Look at the coal industry.

A free society that rewards accomplishments is the antidote for poverty. Time for your writer to recognize that Obama is not the answer; he is part of the problem. So how is that “hope and change” working our for him?

James Hofawger

Washington, W.Va.