Thanking those who protect us

It has been my experience that people will readily speak up to complain, including me, but seldom to say anything good. This is the purpose of my letter. Consider your last encounter with a police officer. Maybe you received a speeding ticket, were involved in a traffic accident or experienced an emergency in your home. How did you respond?

We are fortunate to have an outstanding police department. Over the past couple of years our crime rate has dropped, according to the department of justice. This drop in crime is due in large part to the outstanding efforts of our police officers – men who go to work each day putting their lives on the line to protect our community.

We should all take a moment to thank those officers who protect our community as we sleep at night, watch over our children while they are at school, ensure our roads are safe and respond first in our greatest moments of need. The men of our police force receive little or no recognition for their daily efforts, yet each day they put themselves in harm’s way to protect us. It’s time to begin saying “thank you” to our police officers.

I encourage you to also remember and thank the families of police officers who send out their loved ones every day. Think about the fear and concern they must feel every time their spouse, parent or child puts on that uniform and heads to work.

I want to publicly thank the our police department and the officers in surrounding communities for the positive difference they continue to make.

Robert Ware