Stand up to bullying mayor

I am writing in regard to the most recent attacks made by Bob Newell on those who apparently don’t agree with him. In this particular case, members of the Parkersburg Police Civil Service Commission. Most people do not know the function of a civil service commission; however, I have done research and know they are supposed to be an independent board operating without the influences of political pressure. The commission oversees the testing procedures for entry level police officers to ensure everyone is treated fairly. They administer promotional examinations within the police department; again to ensure everyone is treated fairly and political influences does not rear its ugly head. They also act as a three panel judge on disciplinary actions, be it terminations, time off or reduction in rank. Thus they again are supposed to be honest, fair and act without outside political influences.

In an effort to do this, one member of this board is appointed by the mayor. In this case attorney Bob Campbell. One member is appointed by the Chamber of Commerce. In this case Doug Kreinik, and one member is appointed by the Fraternal Order of Police. In this case Joe Gonzales. No two persons can be of the same political affiliation, again, to prevent undue political influences.

Political influence is exactly what Bob Newell is doing. If you remember, Newell complained about the previous FOP appointment Jack Hunley until Hunley decided to escape the circus. Newell also complained about the previous Chamber of Commerce appointment Jeff Bungard, to the point that Chamber of Commerce appointed businessman Doug Kreinik to replace him. Apparently Kreinik had enough in a very short time and has resigned.

It is interesting to note that Campbell has been on the commission for 20 years. Gonzales is a respected investigator who retired in good standing with the Parkersburg Police Department. It would appear the problem is not them but rather a meddling mayor who wants a commission that will rule as he tells them to do. Maybe the problem is these men will not tilt in the mayor’s favor. It is time someone stood up to Newell and told him bullying is not accepted in childhood, adulthood, work force or in political office. I applaud anyone who has ran against him or stood up to him.

Laura Anderson