PHS football coach must go

I usually wait till the end of the Big Red football season to write my letter, but since our season was over after the third game, I’ll be a few weeks early.

What can I say about a coach that has done so much to embarrass Big Red football? Teams that feared playing us, now count us as a victory. There is talent on the team, but no coaching. The players are leaving the program and have no respect for Reeves because he doesn’t respect the players. Captain status taken away because of a injury. Have to choose between football and homecoming events. What coach would be so mean to the players? Do the boys even use the weight room? Still takes blocking and tackling to win games, which we do neither. Big Red defenses have given up 50-plus points six times under Reeves.

In my opinion Reeves owes each one of the seniors on this years team a hand-written personal apology for embarrassing them across the state of West Virginia. You need to think about the last memory these seniors will have of Stadium Field. Three hundred fans on Senior Night is disgusting and embarrassing on so many levels. Season ticket sales, attendance, way down. Can’t even get a bus to go to away games, can’t fill it.

Why would we even consider hiring him in the first place after going 0-10 at South and having health issues. Thank you Mr. Board. Reeves needs to resign one minute after the final game, so we can begin to rebuild a great school program of Big Red Football. “Big Red” pride runs deep, so Reeves must go.

Dave Sweeney