Open up land for building

I am one who thinks the powers-to-be do a pretty good job in trying to bring business into the town. They are individuals who have vision, and I like that. But there’s one thing that absolutely does not make sense. How can any new building go in lower Parkersburg (around the Public Debt Buildings) when there is a sea of blacktop?

Of all places, you would think this area would benefit from a parking garage or two. For heaven’s sake, the old jail was torn down to make more parking. Camden Clark is the same way. They spread their parking all over downtown, taking up prime land for businesses to build, and that main parking lot is horrible to park in. Most medical centers have something called a parking garage.

Please continue the forward thinking by opening up land for building. Heck, that area between the Public Debt building, Blennerhassett Museum and WTAP would be a fantastic place for a ballpark, which I hope is coming to town! It would be a perfect way to bring people downtown.

Patrick Greene