Obama critics should give it a rest already

The success or failure of Obamacare will take some time to become apparent. The online sign-up process was greatly flawed but is improving. The insurance companies have started canceling policies that were cheaper and did not meet the federal standard. President Obama has offered to let those that have the less expensive policies keep them for one more year.

The Democrats are disappointed with how things have turned out but most Republicans are elated; the Affordable Care Act, which they had fought from the very beginning even though it was a Republican idea and successful as Romneycare in Massachusetts, is taking the spotlight away from their debacle of “shutting down the government.”

The expansion of Medicaid will give health care to those that need it most and yet many states have failed to take advantage of this provision of Obamacare. Ohio’s Gov. Kasich has taken steps to expand Medicaid and the Republicans are still fighting against it. I don’t understand why anyone would be against access to health care for the poorest of the poor – those part-time or full-time workers, some with two jobs that struggle to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table. But then, few people were outraged when the Sequester cut food stamps and Congress is poised to cut them again. Somehow the lobbyists for the poor didn’t raise enough money to influence Congress on this vital issue. Of course, we are a “Christian” nation and we have the “best health care in the world.”

My prayer is the computer glitches and shortcomings will be fixed and that people without health care will be able to find a health-care plan they can afford and that covers all their needs through the exchanges. Hopefully, more states will expand Medicaid so the most vulnerable among us will have access to health care, that women will have access to contraception so they can plan the number of children they can adequately care for, and young people will sign up for health care they eventually will need, perhaps sooner than later. And don’t believe everything Rep. Bill Johnson tells you; he is definitely not a compassionate conservative.