Mayor Rapp’s charm offensive

Cannot helping noticing the charm offensive by Mr. Rapp as Vienna mayor. Cannot open the newspaper or watch TV without him popping up in grand openings or a person with “decades” in the chemical industry. Would rather see him in a properly publicized budget meeting or council meeting giving back some of the $5.5 or so million that the overtaxed folks in Vienna pay in residential property taxes, B&O tax, franchise and other fees that are levied over and over; then passed to the “Capitol Reserve” for city foolishness each year.

How many know the city has additional $1.5 million sand bagged in the water/sewage account? Yet, we all know Parkersburg is going to get us in the rate increases they are proposing? And in just the past few months, the Vienna Utility Board is also planning additional increases on top of those from Parkersburg.

A prudent person would ask why he is getting all this support from the media. Could it have anything to do with what organizations he and some of those folks belong to? Seems no matter how questionable and for sure not caring this Mayor/City Council is about for some 9,000 of the good people in the city; nothing ever shows anywhere but the letters columns. And then it seems, it is a battle for publication on some occasions. Plus the other media outlet in town does not per the general manager do “investigations.” Not our job he alleged.

I will state that I belong to some of the same organizations as many on the city council both past and present. And up to the past few years, the groups I/we belonged to were noted for their charitable endeavors. Here I fear we have “ring knockers;” this to protect some at the expense of the unwashed and unworthy? Any of us go out and get a DUI and see what happens to us?

After all, who exposed state judges, county commissioner and lawyers all involved in very questionable activities/behavior? The feds; it seems from our governor’s office on down it is a “see, hear and say” no evil about those who are connected.

Recently had a city employee unhappy with me for mentioning his name in a letter. Said he did not say what I alleged. I offer to do a polygraph administered by any group outside of a West Virginia. Legal entity.