Lack of local sports coverage

I wanted to pen my displeasure with The Parkersburg News and Sentinel for their lack of coverage of the boys state high school soccer championships.

I was looking for articles on this weekend’s games to be written by the local sports reporters but could only get articles from J. Daniel Rollins from the Beckley newspaper. I read his same story in their paper Saturday morning before the championship game not knowing the same story would be in my “hometown” newspaper when I returned. He wrote a good article about the Friday game, but interviews with our team members or coaches would have been much appreciated.

Not to have any pictures or local interviews after the team had worked hard all season to get where they were is a slap in the face to these fine young men and the community live in.

Greg Holland


EDITOR’S NOTE: Sadly, it should be noted the soccer coach left the post-game press conference without speaking to the media, which makes it impossible to get his view on the game, the players or the season.