Just say no to more taxes

Taxes, taxes and more taxes. When is it going to end? I watch the paper daily seeing how many homes are being sold on the courthouse steps. Why? They cannot pay their taxes or the mortgage on their homes. Just recently an article in the paper stated over 1,500 (which was lower than last year at over 1,600) were to be auctioned off on Nov.7 which the banks will pay them to protect their interests or someone else paying them will give the owner 18 months to come up with the money plus interest to keep from losing their home.

We need to start somewhere and a good place to start is with the levy coming up to be voted on and say NO! Everyone that lives in Wood County that is legal age and registered can vote on this levy but who does it effect the most? Real estate owners! I read the list in the paper where the money is being distributed and I just shake my head thinking we the people say nothing and continue to let it happen not taking a stand. Say NO to the levy!

How long does the city, county, state and federal government think the American people can go on paying all these taxes? The city of Vienna wants home rule with Parkersburg adding a 1 percent sales tax making them equal to Williamstown. Not taking into account that Williamstown does not have B&O taxes like Vienna and Parkersburg does on our businesses, let alone all the other taxes both cities charge the people. So how can they justify this tax? I see so much money being spent that shouldn’t be, but yet they want more.

What happened to giving back to the community if they have extra money helping families in need? Instead they find a place for that money like buying an artifical Christmas tree spending $9,000 dollars to put in Jackson Park. Is that really a need? Fees and taxes is all we know living in poverty. Being homeless, children going without food and clothing this isn’t just in West Virginia it is across the nation yet we are still taxed. Where and when does it end?

Taxation without representation? Where did that go for us? Our rights? Fleecing of America starting right here in our home town clear up to Washington, D.C.! Just say no to more taxes!

Brenda Nonamaker