Critics don’t know Reeves

In my opinion, Don Reeves has faced nothing but adversity since he left the coaching job at Jackson. He was in poor health after taking the job at South. He made several trips to doctors in Columbus that summer and had to stay out of the sun while his coaching staff got the boys in condition for the fall season. His health improved enough for him to take the head coaching job at PHS. He took the team to the playoffs in his first year, but his second year team was riddled with injuries to key players and they ended the season with a losing record. His third-year team was young and inexperienced and also had injuries to key players while playing one of the toughest schedules the Big Reds had seen in a long time. In addition to that, they started their season without a home field.

As far as not being dedicated to PHS, I have never seen a more dedicated person than Don Reeves. He was helping out with the work at the stadium every day before football workouts began, in addition to being instrumental in the fundraising. He received much undeserved criticism before he took the job and the criticism he is receiving now is likewise undeserved. His critics obviously don’t know the man as well as I do.

Ray Johnson