Ashamed of the media

This letter is in response to the editor’s article on Nov. 17, entitled “Frustrated Newell takes on panel.”

“It would appear Parkersburg Mayor Bob Newell declared war last week on the Parkersburg Police Civil Service Commission … .”

The article goes on to say Newell has been unsatisfied with both action and inaction by members of the commission. It also states (Newell said) the commission has been “grossly dysfunctional” and “there have been multiple intentional and dishonest acts by members of the commission, which have resulted, or will result in, the unnecessary expenditure of nearly a quarter of a million dollars in taxpayer money.”

Being a high school journalism student, I question why the alleged ethics violations and waste of taxpayer dollars weren’t investigated and elaborated on in this article. The last paragraph of that article that pertained to that subject stated: “Whether Campbell and Gonzales have resigned on not, Newell says he’ll move forward Monday with the court petition, which could turn the entire episode into a nasty court battle and a public relations black eye for the commission, the FOP and the city.”

How nice!

In closing, I must comment on the elimination of the online comment section. It’s amazing that every major media outlet around has online comment sections with no problems; however, this elimination won’t affect anyone from the area who was critical of the current shenanigans in city hall, since they were already banned from commenting anyway. I love my country, and I was born in Parkersburg and have lived here all of my life, 53 years, but I have to say, I am ashamed of my government, all the way from the president to city hall, but I am more ashamed of the media, especially in my own hometown.

Anyone paying attention knows what is really going on here, and the article I am discussing is more than a perfect example.

Sandy Staats