Today, we only have words

Excessive borrowing and perfect credit ratings don’t make countries great. People that pay off their debts do. American stewardship has degenerated wretchedly, descending from No. 1 in every category – academics, economics, faith. Now, so-called “conservative” journalists, politicians and citizens side with political profiteers in condemning the long-needed government slim-down. Their rationale? “America must pay it’s bills!” “America is the greatest country in the world!” “America is exceptional!”

Get informed. We’re still paying our bills, but no American is allowed to handle finances as criminally as our leaders have for so long. America is weak, bankrupt and using an imaginary, unlimited, credit card to pay for debts, programs and employee unions it can’t afford. To put the national debt into perspective: accept that $17 trillion cannot be repaid in five generations – 100 years – even if we stopped increasing spending today. Obamacare alone will add another trillion. And these programs, though created to help the truly poor, are now twisted into instruments of bribery to gain votes and power for dishonest politicians.

Trillions borrowed from China and others that hate us, while we also condone their vast slave industries and the torture (and even murder) of hundreds of political and religious reformers annually. America used to be the greatest country, but history teaches that we must be better to survive; yet we continue to sink dismally. Only extreme measures will save this Republic for future generations.

As for exceptionalism! What a meaningless word. Our grandparents seldom used such cliches. Who did they have to convince it was true? Everyone was busting their butts trying to make America exceptional. America’s “exceptionalism” and their part in it spoke for itself. Today, we only have words. They had honor – faith to accomplish the deeds that made America exceptional.

Shame on us for our addiction to such lazy, perverse indulgences and greed. “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord,” He says. Cursed, therefore, is the nation whose God is not. We’ve rejected God’s Way in all aspects of society and now we reap the consequences. Few have shown the courage to stand for Good against the insanity in government and they are attacked for it. Are we – are you – brave enough to stand so boldly for good? Or are you cowardly, siding along old party lines and politicians that have driven America to the brink?

William Taylor