Solely to benefit millionaires

What is going on? While it’s desirable for the voice of the minority to be heard, since when, and by what authority, does a faction of a minority have any legal basis for ruining this nation? And how does this act differ from treason? Vigorous debate over proposed legislation is one thing. But how is the president supposed to give, yield or compromise on a three-year old law? The GOP was complaining about the cost of Romneycare before it was even implemented? That’s like complaining about the cost of a restaurant’s meals a week before it opens.

The House of Representatives controls the nation’s purse strings. The president does have some control over discretionary spending, which has risen annually over the last 40 years or so but has decreased under Obama. If crybaby is unhappy with the deficit, and who shouldn’t be, he needs only to point the finger at himself and his party. They have been, by far, the greatest contributors to our ballooning deficit since 2000.

The crap that comes out of crybaby’s mouth is unbelievable. He claims he doesn’t want a shutdown – that we should be discussing economic growth and jobs. And he managed to get that out while keeping a straight face. He could end the shutdown in a heartbeat just by saying “we give.” A really easy solution to a traitorous situation. Economic growth? What a sham. That’s the last thing he wants. Why, Obama might look good. Jobs? The biggest joke of all. For two years he has sat on Obama’s jobs bill not allowing it to come up for a vote. The Republican motive here is solely to benefit the millionaires.

Why is it they always go after the little guy first? A House committee recently lopped $40 billion off food stamps. This same committee could have cut farm subsidies – but they didn’t, not one cent. Ever hear them mention corporate welfare, or stashing cash in the Caymans? Of course not.

Don Lowe