Rude people at supermarket

I am writing to let some people know how rude they can be when in the grocery store. At Kroger on Seven Street in Parkersburg people will routinely walk through the self-checkout lanes the wrong way and expect you, the shopper checking out, to get out of their way. I have even encountered people running over my toes with their large shopping carts, while giving me a dirty look, because I did not immediately move out of their way. Since when is it acceptable for common courtesy to fly out of the window? I have also walked through that checkout lane the wrong way, but I always check to ensure that no one was in the lane. Kroger has informed me they gave up trying to get people to not go through the lane, because they were always ignored.

Another thing that concerns me about shopping at that store is they have a difficult time keeping the nice and convenient, small shopping carts because they always get stolen. They have actually watched their security cameras and have seen people putting these carts in their trunks. I have a hard time believing someone could actually get enough money selling them as scrap to make this worth their while.

Doreen Tuell