Make storage units more secure

I don’t know if all storage units are uninsured, but it should be a requirement. Recently my daughter and her husband had all their earthly possessions stolen from a storage unit in Boaz that had “safe and secure” written on their sign.

Come to find out, it is neither safe nor secure. Everyone in their row of units in the back had their units broke into and their locks replaced so they would not be immediately detected. The police were called but would not take a report.

So, how many times has this happened since the police will not take a report on the incident. There is only one camera and it’s not in the back where things are most likely to be stolen. The law should require storage unit operators to offer some kind of insurance or make their units truly safe and secure with gates, watchdogs, security alarms and or cameras. Otherwise they should not be allowed to operate.

Monica Atkinson