Grandmother’s rights ignored

An award-winning judge and DHHR gave a foster parent adoption rights and totally ignored the grandmother who wanted the child. To quote the judge, “family is not always the best placement for a child.”

It didn’t matter that the grandmother had completed ICPC papers and the placement had been approved by the state where she lives. It didn’t matter she was the child’s grandmother. It didn’t matter her son was not the parent that made it neccsary for CPS to become involved. It didn’t matter she drove to West Virginia from Florida to be at the court hearing. The papers were already ready to be sent to Charleston.

I believe the judge was biased in his decision and I believe DHHR was in favor of the foster parent because she had a day care center and also had adopted another child last year. Judges and DHHR are human and this time because of their decision a little girl will grow up not knowing how loved she is by her family.

Ann Mckay