GOP is strangling U.S. workers

It’s time for Americans to recall all of the selfish, money grubbing, ultra-conservative Republican idiots in the House of Representatives, and some in the Senate. Clearly, they do not understand how government works.

First, their primary responsibility is to fund government operations. It’s that simple. To intentionally cause the government to shut down because they refused to provide funding is deplorable.

Second, they need to understand that Obamacare is the law and has been for over three years, so it’s not a negotiable item. Period. Wait and see if the law works before you criticize it. The fact is, no one knows how it will work because it hasn’t been fully implemented yet. Let’s just wait and see. The Nervous Nellies might be surprised.

Third, Obama is the president, plain and simple. He won re-election last year. Accept it, get over it and move on to the next election. Better yet, focus on repairing their seriously damaged image. I’d be surprised if, based on their childish actions this year, Democrats don’t win the House, Senate and presidency by a landslide next election. Republicans should know that Centrist candidates win elections, not the extreme right-wingers because they represent the majority of everyday, common-sense Americans instead of the extreme elite they seem only concerned about.

Congress is supposed to represent the American people, not just the wealthy or the insurance companies. Get it together and quit strangling the American people. Maybe they can still save your jobs.

Russ Bowers