Finding ways to pay for college

How many times have you heard someone say, “I never had a chance to go to college, i.e., got married, had children, parents didn’t have the money to send me.” In most cases, no one can truthfully make this statement. Furthermore, if someone does choose to go to college, he or she does not need to have a fortune or borrow money. Given are some of the ways a person can go to college without incurring debt.

Attend college at the same time you are in the military. Afterward, complete your degree using the G.I. Bill.; attend a community college and live at home; go to college in the state in which you live, the tuition is cheaper this way; obtain a college degree online; work summers, two part-time jobs if necessary; get jobs that give you time to study, i.e., night watchman, hotel clerk, house sitter, etc.; go to night school and work full-time; select schools that hold classes in the morning only; alternate between going to school one semester then working one semester; apply for grants, grants do not have to be paid back; attend one of the five U.S. military academies – they are free; start a home-based business to earn money; work jobs that nobody else wants to do, i.e., shovel snow, rake leaves, mow grass, clean windows, etc.; if in a dorm, type papers, cut hair, etc.

To illustrate, I knew a person who would work all day. Following work, he would drive 40 miles from work to attend three hours of class in night school. Typically, he did this twice each week. He did this for 10 years before earning his degree, however, without borrowing any money.

Even more astonishing, I knew a mother with four teenage boys. Each of these four teenagers entered the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md., and all four men graduated from the academy. And the schooling cost their mother and the sons absolutely nothing.

Gary Armacost