Don’t fund a terrible law

My family and I fully support the House of Representative’s legislation delaying or killing Obamacare. This is the absolute worst law ever foisted on the American public, and if enacted immediately in its present state, will deal a decisive and fatal blow to the American economy.

The Senate Democrats and the president need to wake up and get real. Why can’t they at least delay this insane Obamacare law? It is obviously fraught with glitches and freedom-robbing pitfalls, and not ready to be unleashed on the hapless public. What’s the big rush, anyway?

I urge congressmen to do their job and do the right thing, which is to kill Obamacare. Don’t worry about President Obama and the Senate Democrats’ refusal and their consequent decision to shut down the government – it’s not affecting anything of importance.

And while they are at it, do not raise the U.S. debt ceiling. Like the 58 percent of American voters who are against raising the debt ceiling, according to a national Fox News poll last week, I agree that we Americans cannot afford any more debt. Is the president crazy? How will we ever pay off the $16-plus trillion we’re already in the hole for? Stop driving the United States to bankruptcy and allowing my hard-earned tax dollars to be wasted. Stand firm on this and fight. If ever we needed representatives with some moral backbone it’s now. Do not give in to President Obama and the Senate Democrats.

Incidentally, this shutdown is in many ways a good thing for America. And I don’t for a minute believe the news reports that it’s “costing” us millions every day. Think about it – just shutting down costly office buildings and laying off 800,000 federal workers who contribute nothing to the GDP can’t help but save millions of tax dollars. I say with the exception of our armed forces, take a long sabbatical and keep the government shutdown – for a couple years. Nobody will notice, least of all me and my family.

Doug Stuart

Pomeroy, Ohio