Manchin forgets W.Va. values

I hope my fellow West Virginians wake up and realize how much Sen. Joe Manchin has betrayed our West Virginia values. I hate to admit I voted for Mr. Manchin at the time because I was proud of his job as governor and his pledge to never forget his West Virginia values.

Well ladies and gentlemen, Sen. Manchin has forgotten our West Virginia values. Although not reported in our local media, according to the Huffington Post, on July 22 ultra-liberal New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg hosted a $1,000 a person fundraiser for our hometown West Virginia boy. The article states that Mayor Bloomberg applauded Sen. Manchin’s effort to limit guns in the United States with his attempt at passing background legislation.

Now for those of you that don’t follow politics, let me remind you about Mayor Bloomberg. Not only does he support gun control and wants to control the size of pop you can buy at fast food restaurant, but this is the same man who gave $50 million to the Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal Campaign, stating that the coal industry in America was “a dead man walking.”

Do you really think someone with West Virginia values would want to be associated with someone as liberal and radical as Michael Bloomberg. Mayor Bloomberg certainly does not epitomize West Virginia values, and, unfortunately, it seems neither does Joe Manchin. Please write Sen. Manchin and ask him to remember his promises to West Virginia and leave the Mayor Bloombergs and President Obamas out in the cold. We deserve better.

Michael Simmons