Kids used for political purposes

Drug kingpins and the federal government have much in common. Each expands their operations by creating additional demand for their destructive product: dependency.

Each understands that recruitment of new consumers is the lifeblood for spreading their poison. They both recognize the younger the age of their victims, the easier the sell, and the longer the addiction; thus, they both recruit by sweeping playgrounds, parks and schools. The drug lords send their drug pushers, and politicians send their bureaucrats to recruit the young into a lifetime of dependency.

Anyone who doesn’t believe dependence upon government isn’t as powerful as most drug addictions, hasn’t witnessed the total devastation and hopelessness of progressive welfare programs gone mad in most Democrat-controlled cities in today’s America.

Government has an easier task at recruiting new users because they make the rules. They’ve made it legal to send their minions, the bureaucrats, out to troll for recruits, and then groom them for an enduring addiction to government. Kids are also government’s preferred targets, because they are a captive, obedient, and easily manipulated group. They know if they train children at an early age that government is there to provide for their every need, they’ll have a convert to big government, for life. The public school system is a groomer’s paradise.

The first order of business in education should be to teach young people independence, not dependency.

The so-called free breakfast and lunch government programs are no longer about lifting anyone from poverty; rather they are to create a craving for more government freebies. It’s how government expands their business. One more dependent equals one more vote.

Here they come again with the Feed to Achieve Act. Hyped as a program for needy children, they admit their goal is to feed breakfast and lunch to all schoolchildren by the fall of 2015. This is not a noble goal. Government feeding children whose parents have the means to feed them has but one purpose: expanding government. This wastes resources that could be spent on the really needy – $14 million to $17 million from the federal government in West Virginia alone for parents who do not need help.

Children being used for political purposes in these programs today will spend their lifetimes paying for them. It’s shameful; it’s destructive, and it’s just plain anti-American. This is not what this country is about. Do we not remember the warnings of our founders about the destructive forces of allowing a powerful, uncontrolled government?

Jim Mullen