EMS needs Wyndemere code

When I was out for a walk in my neighborhood late Sunday night, I observed something extremely alarming and disturbing. An ambulance drove up with its lights flashing to the gated entrance of the Wyndemere community. I witnessed the EMT or paramedic get out of the ambulance to check out the entry code machine (the gatehouse is unmanned). After idling for a minute, it went in reverse to where I was standing. The EMT told me he was responding to an emergency call at the nursing home on the other side of the Wyndemere community, and he asked for suggested routes to get to the College Parkway entrance.

As the ambulance left the scene with lights flashing and sirens blaring, an overwhelming feeling of uneasiness came over me. What if I had been that nursing home resident? What if I had been a loved one of the resident waiting for prompt medical assistance? It is unsettling that EMS personnel have not been given entrance codes to the Wyndemere gate if that happens to be the fastest route to their destination. This is an issue that needs to be addressed immediately – especially since in this case, the ambulance spent at least 15-20 minutes dealing with this unnecessary complication.

Ronald J. Jacobs