America sinks, Obama smiles

During a visit to Ohio’s Amish country last week, my wife and I were watching the evening news on a Cleveland NBC channel. A spokesman for the world renowned Cleveland Clinic announced that the clinic will be terminating 3,000 jobs in the near future. The spokesman, when asked why such drastic cuts will be made, flatly stated that these cuts are necessary due to “Obamacare.”

The Environmental Protection Agency is attacking coal, intending to put it out of business, and Obama smiles. The economic impact will be disastrous. It won’t only be coal miners who are out of jobs. The loss of jobs won’t only be in West Virginia. Coal support industries are incredibly far reaching. Most people probably don’t realize the extent of those industry jobs which will suffer. The end of coal will impact millions, and Obama smiles.

Obama drew his “red line” regarding the use of chemical weapons, while “rattling the saber.” It is deplorable that “somebody” used these weapons. Over 1,400 people were killed. Where was Obama’s Obama’s outrage when Assad’s army killed the previous 100,000 Syrian citizens?

Obama threatened to go charging into Syria, and the American people in a groundswell, grassroots effort told him, “no.” Things didn’t go the way he wanted and he found himself in a very tight corner. He was rescued by Russia’s Vladimir Putin. The world was watching indeed. The world watched as Putin saved Obama’s bacon. The reputation of America is going down the tubes, and Obama smiles.

There is something wrong in America when a president actively seeks to destroy, rather than to create jobs. There is something wrong when a president’s policies cost so many jobs, taken from taxpayers. There is something wrong when due to political affiliation, some people still think Obama is doing a great job.

Some will disagree with this letter. Your letter needs to tell these readers how 3,000 jobs cut from one of the world’s finest medical facilities is good. Tell them how it is good that millions of coal-related American jobs will be lost. Tell readers how the loss of America’s image in the world is good. And Obama will just smile.

Joseph C. Duckworth