Use the power of your vote

I’m not an unusual case; anyone can do what I have done. In November, It will be six years since I started my learning experience to understand the financial meltdown. I started from nothing, folks. I’m not even good at math, but it can be done.

Everybody wants to blame someone for what happened and most of us blame President Obama, or Democrats, or Republicans, or any stinking entity at the time. What I’ve learned isn’t easy to accept, understand, or change. The bottom line is that the crisis has been building for many decades because of three things.

One is our changing ethics. Two is how greed has become 100 percent acceptable. Three comes from the other two and it is our lawmakers, the House of Representatives, who have been changing the laws to benefit every entity but the working American. And because the blame rests at the feet of the House of Representatives – the People’s House – then, by extension, the blame rests at our feet – the American people – because we elect them.

The next time we want to blame someone for our circumstances, do what I’m doing – go get a mirror and look in. Next, ask yourself, “How can I help change this?”

“Vote them out.” Each two years, the House of Representatives face election or re-election. Check their stump speeches that they rail from every rooftop. “Where are the jobs?” “Who provides them?” “What do they pay?” Do they have a principle that will not waver in the attacks against them from the competition or the moneyed interests?

The people we elect put their future at risk because for two years they do our bidding. If it’s good, we re-elect them. If they’ve sold us out, we send them packing.

It’s your vote. Use it.

Michal K. DiClemente