Something is wrong here

The news media, our representatives we voted for and being politically enslaved are doing just the opposite. Recent news accounts have prompted this:

Our representatives, and the ACLU have systematically tried to remove from our thoughts and mind, and our children, the Christian beliefs this great country’s founders tried hard to establish. Yet, they send billions of dollars, our young men, to fight the religious wars these countries are fighting against their own people.

There is a huge attempt to remove our right to protect ourselves called gun control while sending arms and money to countries to kill their own citizens. Yet our justice system protects the rights of criminals by providing taxpayer dollars for their legal defense, then, if in time they are convicted, the victims have to pay for their care and keeping, while the victims have no recourse.

Our armed forces were refused money for fireworks to celebrate this country’s birthday, while our young men were fighting and dying in other countries. Also, I have received no less than five requests from charitable groups for money to aid wounded veterans and their families. Why don’t those who send them to help other countries help them?

Our health, education, Social Security system’s going broke, our welfare system pays people to not get married, 48 percent of children living in female-headed households live in poverty, 34 percent of unwed mothers do not work yet the fathers, nor their families, get a free ride with no responsibility, elderly people, we now hear, will have their Medicare and Medicaid allotted as to importance and will be in deep trouble.

Our representatives have allowed jobs to be shipped overseas, while cheap goods are brought by us that are made overseas.

And now I read a tax increase is coming, by federal, state, cities, countries because of a lack of funds.

It seems to me there is “something wrong here,” or has it become a society of “no reason not to” and “what’s yours is mine and what’s mine I’ll keep.” Will someone care to answer, or will your contributors object?

Robert L. Peters