Save a Kitty not helping

In reply to the “Blame irresponsible pet owners,” by Kandi Habeb, I’d like to disagree with her reply. Save a Kitty does feed the feral cats. Regardless who the food comes from, Save a Kitty, and she herself as a member, feeds the feral cats by my home, at Long John Silvers, near Superior Toyota and Criss Elementary, just to name a few places. And as a result my car has been scratched and sprayed by cats, my flower bed and porch are used as a litter box, the empty house and apartment next to me are also used as a litter box.

None of my flowers have come up this year thanks to her cats. She claims that the spayed and neutered cats don’t spray or mark their territory, but I have physically seen with my own eyes her precious spayed and neutered cats marking my property. Thanks to Kandi and the feral kitty program, we now have racoons, skunks and other pests that carry rabies that come around on a regular basis for a free meal.

If she wants to care for these cats then the Save a Kitty should be responsible for the destruction they do.

Cassie Hennen