Progress for a better Marietta

In reference to the letter to the editor, “Outdoor Heaven will wreck this great town,” it is a bold statement based upon a person’s opinion. Is the substance of this letter debating the point of “afraid of change” or “afraid of progress?” If the point is “afraid of change,” then compare Marietta of today in terms of economic conditions to Marietta between 1958-1982. There has been change with many manufacturing jobs leaving the Mid-Ohio Valley since then. Examples of those companies that are gone are: Marietta Concrete, Dravo, Remington Rand, Union Carbide, Borg Warner, Connex, etc. Therefore, the change that came to Marietta was for the worse. Yes, I certainly would be afraid of this type of change.

Now if the point was “afraid of progress,” then let us talk about the recent oil and gas boom in Southeastern Ohio. Seems that there is an increase in business activities and increase in traffic along Pike Street and many other highways. Also seems like there is an increase in revenue for Marietta from the bed taxes. Is this not good for the Mid-Ohio Valley?

Finally, let us address the issue of the future destination place, Ohio Outdoor Heaven. It is a project that had taken two years and one-half to do research on the feasibility of having such a place at 773 Arends Ridge Road, Marietta, Ohio. This place is where the entire family can enjoy together. There will be activities that will appeal to the health, mind and spirit of any individuals. There will be no need to go to Wheeling or Columbus or Charleston for entertainment, retail or recreation.

This is progress. It will be clean fun and enjoyment for all concerned.

Wei-Chung Sheng


EDITOR’S NOTE: Wei-Chung Sheng is the CEO of Outdoor Heaven Inc.